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7 Best Coin Flipping Apps For Android Or iOS

When do you flip a coin? When you are faced with two possible options and you need to choose one of these. You flip the coin because selecting the right option is a challenge and you depend on luck. The coin gives you a random result and you choose that option. This is a common practice done before the start of a cricket match where the skippers of both teams have the option to choose heads or tails. Similarly there are coin flipping apps for both iOS and Android that help you make arbitrary decisions. In these, you must either must flip the screen or shake your mobile phone to get an outcome but all results are randomly generated.

Best Coin Flipping Apps For Android And iOS:

  1. Coin Flip 3D: This lets you flip coins from your phone; so you open the app and simply make a toss. It is meant for people who like to toss a coin to make important decisions. Now, if they do not even have a coin handy, they can always do this on their smartphones. The toss spinning happens in 3D making it a realistic experience. There are also gaming apps developed on this basis for cryptocurrency playing which you can earn free Bitcoin. Otherwise, refer to https://coincierge.de/crypto-superstar/ to know how Bitcoin is traded autonomously.
  2. Simple Coin Flip: This is a straightforward app that has an easy-to-use interface and no too many additional features or flashy graphics. It is minimalist in design and does not take too much space or memory. All you have to do is strike on the button to get a result. This small and simple application is easy to use by people of every age.
  3. Flip A Coin: This app lets you make a choice based on luck. It works just like a real coin when flipped into air; you can use this coin flipping app to make your decision. To use this, you need to stretch the phone upward as you hold it firmly in your hands and this make you feel like you are tossing a coin. You get to choose “heads” or “tails” to get a result and you can try this app anywhere. The app has an attractive interface and generates random results.
  4. Coin Flip: This is a relatively advanced app which produces random results for iOS phones and Android watches. You simply must tap the watch or shake your hand to get results. The best part about using apps like this is that no one will question the result; it is straightforward and unbiased and the most effective means to settle conflicts. On the other end, there are scam bots such as quantum code robot that claims to get $10,00 per day for the investors. You mustn’t fall prey to such scam robots and look for investigative reports to learn more about the scam theory.
  5. Coin Toss: This is a relatively new app that also generates random results by coin flipping. The app allows you to control the duration of flipping the coin. When you get the results after flipping the coin you can share these with friends through a sharing tool provided on its interface.
  6. Heads or Tails: This is a popular coin flipping app providing actual results, albeit generated randomly. The graphics are simple and clean and guarantee an engaging user experience. The look is classic and you can find a variety of coin designs; so, you get to choose from different coin options. Images used resemble real coin images and each has a name attached to it.
  7. Coin Flip: To use this app you simply need to shake the phone or tap your mobile screen for results. You can re-shake it to be sure. It is one of the most popular coin flipping apps that make decision making simpler. The interface is simple in design and you will find results under “Tails” or “Heads”.